Ick Physics

Posted: May 12, 2008 in School

Well I’m stuck doing all the work for my physics project while my partner coasts along. Apparently my partner as usual hasn’t paid attention to any of the work from the whole quarter. Therefore I’m stuck completing about 5 pages of questions for our final project.

This makes me want to kill someone. I mean… I love my partner as he’s a pretty decent person. I’m just not too happy about being handed the full share of the project. I mean, I have tons of other projects that I have to attend to over the next few weeks. Just to name a few – A personal essay for English, a final program for computer science, an art portfolio for advertising art, and to top it off a year end final for AP Gov./Politics. It’s going to be quite a hassle to do the work of two people. Life for the next week or so will pretty much suck.

Anyway wanted to vent a bit before I actually got started on the work. Perhaps maybe Google can help me out with some of the answers… I doubt it though. I’ve tried that before and it always seems to fail. My Baby – the video will still be released as scheduled so theres no need to worry about that…

The good news is that there is only about three more weeks of school. I’ll finally be a Senior. whoop!


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