A Letter To Dave

Posted: May 14, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Just Wrote a Letter to Dave from Blue skies with some cover art. My hopes are that He’ll decide to use them and include them in his Sunshine Sessions release. (Would really make my day for a second time this month). Even if he doesn’t use them I would love to hear a reply.

Any who, here it is:

Hey Dave,

Thanks for releasing The Sunshine Sessions publicly! I simply couldn’t resist making more art for you to use (if you desire). Hopefully you’ll think this set worthy of your album. Especially after the work you put into your music and personal album cover.

Sporty Style:


Simplistic Style:


Oh I also vectorized you in your Free Rice video after I randomly paused it. I thought it was too perfect to pass up:


Anyway I hope all is well with your legal issues. I’m sure it will all pass and it will just be a thing of the past.

Best Wishes,


Ps. Please reply even if you don’t like the art. I love your replies, lol.

So I’ll sit here and wait in hopes Dave will reply… Maybe my obsession with his music will die down. Eh, I think not.

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