Three More Days

Posted: May 17, 2008 in Unsorted

Three more days until Jesse McCartney’s album Departure is released. Make sure you get it on itunes! I’ll also be posting up a “sing-a-long” video for his song My baby. (Read more in the previous posts) It’s been a lack of video posting… I know. But once his full album is released I’ll try to get most of the decent songs done.

Any suggestions for new videos? Leave a comment here or on my youtube channel. I’ll be happy to ablige.

And Dave Responds…

Thought my album art was pretty cool but he didn’t have time to reupload the files. Oh well, at least he liked them. If you want to use the unofficial blueskies sunshine session album art you can get the images from the links in the previous post.

Hopefully when he does the “Fireside Sessions” in winter I’ll be more on the ball with sending some art his way.

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