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Posted: May 22, 2008 in Brain Ecstasy

About Me Magazine

Page one of my “About Me” final project for my advertising art class. (This hardly relates to advertising at all… *bleh*) Anyway I think it came out pretty well. Better than what I expected at least. The top image is really me, vectorized of course. I only spent about 10 minutes on the vectorization so it’s not that great of a job.

Anyway you can view the original image along with page two here:

The total time for both pages was about 3 and a half hours. Considering most people in my class have been working on their project all week and barely got anywhere, I’d say mission accomplished. Hopefully my teach will think so too. *Hopes the sub won’t squeal on me for using my ipod the entire class period*

If time allows I think I’ll post some of the other images I vectorized too. There’s quite a bunch that I didn’t decide to use in the magazine spread. The two I chose complimented the theme of the design the most.

If you’re really into finding more about the real me, why don’t you read some of the interview questions in the article.  You may be pleasantly surprised… or not.

Note: The “JADHRHk” Text is on purpose and is being used as place holder text for my real name. I can’t have everyone knowing who I really am right? After all, I’m the ficticious Jesse Storm!


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