Featured by Habbo!

Posted: May 25, 2008 in Brain Ecstasy
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Habbo AU Pixel Press

Habbo.com.au decided to feature my video: “Carol of the Bells – Habbo Style” in their pixel press newsletter. It’s a shame that I wasn’t credited properly though. (Thanks to some noob submitting my video without my permission). I suppose a feature is a feature though.

What’s more impressive is the impact Habbo AU had on the video statistics. The usual hit count for this particular video was less than 15. (It’s a Habbo video, what do you expect?). After one day in the spotlight it spiked to over a 1000% percent increase! (Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit) Still,  +200 views within 24 hours all from a link on a teen site. Pretty amazing for me. [View the stats chart]

I guess I’ll bask in my week long glory. This was almost amazing as Dave using my sunshine sessions banners. … Not quite though, not quite.

To celebrate (Well, not really)

I’ve uploaded another video for Jesse McCartney’s new album departure. This time it’s his introduction song. It has a surprisingly catchy beat even if it’s only a minute or so long. Turn it Up and don’t forget to tell your friends to watch it.

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