Omgupload Banners Submission

Posted: June 8, 2008 in Brain Ecstasy
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omgupload banner submission This is my submission for the banner competition. Hosted on I’m not sure how many entries there are because all entries were to be submitted by private message.

I find the prizes quite generous for a simple banner ad: 10 Club sofas on, Banner featured on for two weeks, and 2 months of premium on (where the competition was posted). My main goal for entering is getting featured on Alexa. The club sofas don’t really interest me because that’s not my local Habbo Hotel.

Good luck to the rest of the competitors seeking out the same prize. I’m sure what ever work you submit will be just as awesome as I think mine is.

Anyway apart from the banner, I created the slogan/trademark “share with the world.” The owner and developer of thought that it was fair enough to possibly use it across their site. I have given him full permission to use it any way shape or form as long as he doesn’t intend to charge for his services any time in the future. We’ll just see where that ends up. (So far no changes to the site)

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