Gotta Find You by Joe Jonas

Posted: June 19, 2008 in Unsorted
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“You’re the voice I hear inside my head. The reason that I’m singing. I need to find you. I gotta find you.” Joe Jonas’ song from Disney’s Camp Rock is an amazingly simple peice. However it is in this simplicity that they lyrics become powerful. This piece is about someone search for love, and can’t seem to find the right person. He is stuck in the past and can’t move on to new relationships or one that satisfys or matches his previous. (Or at least that is how I interpret it)

Take a look at the video and interpret the lyrics for yourself.  If you really feel ambitious you can purchase the song from itunes. As always I will refuse to give you any downloads to the song file. Support the Jonas Brothers.

However if you would like the images for the video you can either visit the source:, or download them all here.  My download contains several images which have been watermarked to promote you getting the direct download from JoeJonasPictures. I do not gaurentee the uptime of my hosted download. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Note: The download pack host has been changed to a new more reliable provider. Also not that the file size is 9.82mb due to several images which are over 1000×1000 pixels.

  1. kina says:

    i think he is so cute

  2. kezra ridgley says:

    he is so sexy

  3. Chase drorbaugh says:

    Mmmm yes…

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