Musicfromblueskies – Doodled!

Posted: June 23, 2008 in Doodles
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Doodle of Dave from music from Blue Skies

My “Doodle” version of Dave from Blue Skies.  A band and artist that I’ve talked about before on my blog.  I’ll be sending this to Dave over the next few days in hopes that he will like it. The version you’re viewing above, is not quite complete.  Although the original photo cuts off there, I want to extend the picture futher.  Adding in the rest of the torso and body would do the art wonders.

I’m not one for faces so there will won’t be much added in that category. I do plan to add in the background and maybe try to add in more people into the overall design. Perhaps Nerimon singing over Dave’s shoulder or something?

We’ll see there this goes…. Dave if you’re reading this (or even know who I am for that matter), I’ll be sending this your way soon.

  1. […] the Dave from Blue Skies doodle… I’m probably not going to do anything more with that one.  I think Nerimon is perfectly happy having his own little doodle spot he doesn’t need to […]

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