Nerimon – Doodled!

Posted: June 29, 2008 in Doodles
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Nerimon doodled

I was browsing through Charlieissocoollike’s blog and found this hilarious image of Nerimon (Alex Day) from youtube.  Looking back on it now, it’s not that hilarious. I suppose the heat this summer is starting to get to my head… Anyway, while I was still in the spur of the moment I doodled him and Yoshi.

I’m having quite a bit of fun with inkscape lately.  Still haven’t mastered faces yet though…  The pencil and calligraphy brush is a little too sensitive to handle the finer detail of faces.  Eh all in all, it’s still a decent job with or out without a face.

About the Dave from Blue Skies doodle… I’m probably not going to do anything more with that one.  I think Nerimon is perfectly happy having his own little doodle spot he doesn’t need to steal daves limelight.  Sorry to disappoint anyone who was looking forward to that.

Anyone have any ideas of a person to doodle next? If not I guess I’ll keep with the “oohh that looks like an awesome pic to doodle” method.

  1. Betina says:

    Wow, that looks awesome!
    I think the original picture is great too..

  2. Jodiee says:

    wow, thats awesome. you are so talented at drawing 😀

  3. Jodiee says:

    ps, try to draw…uhh…wastetimechasingcars from youtube

  4. Jesse says:

    Thanks Jodiee 🙂
    I’ll check him(?) out soon.

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