New Music Spotlight 7.1.08

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New Music Spotlight

New Music Spotlight 7.1.08 – Kevin Bazinet

Kevin Bazinet, a talented sixteen year old boy, greets the world with his first single: “Can You Feel?” Pursuing a dream in music long before his talents were recognized Kevin has actively worked on composing his own lyrics and songs. However much of what he writes has been inspired by his musical heroes: Jesse McCartney, Gavin DeGraw, James Blunt, and John Mayer. Together with his inspiration he has been successfully been able to convert his feelings and emotions into strong uplifting tunes.

“Can You Feel” celebrates a healthy passion for love, admiration, and relationships.

Song Lyrics:

I can still feel you when you’re away
I need everything you are
And you’ll be
And when you smile
I’m dazzled
And when you cry
I want to be
Oh can you feel?
Oh can you feel?

I want you in my arms this morning
I’m going to need you by my side today
I want you in my bed tonight
And I’m gonna need you in my dreams
I want you there
And I need you when you’re grown
I’m not lying when I tell you I love you

That I love you
Oh can you feel?
My love
Can you feel?

No matter what the people say
Don’t worry about the distance
Oh for you I can, for you I will
Each time that I see you
I’m falling in love, again


And let’s go there… Again
Oh I need… to feel your love
And I need… to feel your love
And I need… to feel your love
Can you feel?

Contact Kevin Bazinet:
[Official Site] [Youtube] [Myspace] [Facebook] [Twitter]

Kevin Bazinet is not associated with JesseTalks in any way shape or form.  This video and blog entry is not designed to intentionally infringe on any copyrights.  Its sole purpose is to promote Kevin Bazinet’s talents in music.  We will remove the video upon request.
  1. Seb says:

    I want a copy of this MP3. VERY good song. 🙂
    Kevin is going to make it big!

  2. No Name Please says:

    This is an AWESOME song. His album, Mystery Love, comes out Christmas Eve. I can’t wait!

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