T-Shirt Designs

Posted: July 7, 2008 in Artwork
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I’ve been playing around with a few tshirt designs; eventually coming that simplicity is the best method for creating an attractive design. Out of 20 designs (or so) I’ve decided to send these to omgupload.com.  Maybe they’ll decide to use it for promotion, or maybe it will rot forever in their image galleries. Either way, I’m happy to send it away and add it to my portfolio collection. (I’m not too happy about the amount if ink it will take to print out these pages)

Design one:

omgupload tshirt design one

This design was inspired by my ‘omgupload.com concepts 2.0.’ In fact it’s just an inverted copy and paste work. Either way, I think it’s quite attractive and gets the message across well. The world draws your attention to the shirt while the text explains what it’s all about.

Design Two:

omgupload tshirt design two

This design was created to test out trying to take a screen shot while simultaneously editing a picture. Turns out that’s possible as well as a great way to stretch out your fingers. I think that the overall flow of this design works well with the color scheme.

Design Three:

omgupload tshirt design three

Design number three was created out of pure boredom.  For some reason scribbled lines are extremely attractive to me. They just make the shirt pop! Especially on a black shirt background. Although the work is a little messy I find it adds to the image’s appeal.

Design Four:

omgupload tshirt design four

This final design is really just the base of the previous designs.  I think that it can hold it’s own with out any added shapes or figures just fine.  This is design at it’s simplest form.

Omgupload is not associated with JesseTalks in any way shape or form.   The content, views and opinions of this blog express only the opinions of JesseTalks and not Omgupload.com or it’s partners.

  1. Ed says:

    I like design 3, if you could interweave the two colors like ribbons, I think that would be really interesting.

  2. Jesse says:

    Using inkscape I didn’t really know how to layer certain parts of the vector. It would only raise an lower the object as a whole. Originally that is what I intended but had to settle on what was displayed.

    Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll try to work on something like that in the future.

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