Tshirt Designs 2.0

Posted: July 8, 2008 in Artwork
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Continuing working on more Tshirt designs I’ve decided to try out some text oriented designs.  This means that the focus will be be brought to “omgupload”, the chosen company, by focusing the users’ attention on ranges of text.  To showcase this method I have selected three designs best represent this style of art.

Design one:

omgupload tshirt design one

The classic circle design.  The only thing that makes the design interesting is the huge omg in the middle. There is less focus on visiting the website and more on the omg part.  Hopefully this would make more people want to wear the shirt versus having a shirt that is entirely focused on only the advertising aspect.

Design Two:

omgupload tshirt design two

Another classic text design.  Repetition is used to create a flowing pattern before being overlayed by the main focus of the shirt.

Design Three:

omgupload tshirt design three

An expanded version of my second design.  This one utilizes the entire shirt almost making it a walking billboard. Personally I prefer the second design over this.

Omgupload is not associated with JesseTalks in any way shape or form.  The opinions and views expressed in this blog represent only the opinions and views of JesseTalks.

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