Introducing Playlists

Posted: July 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve finally set up a bunch of playlists on my youtube channel.  Hopefully this will allow viewers like you (sappy television lines ftw) to search for content that is most relevant to your interests.  Keep in mind that not all the videos I have up will be added in a playlist.  Just the most popular searches such as The Jonas Brothers and Jesse McCartney will get their own playlist.

I will also try to create lists for important video postings such as the new music spotlight.  In the future there will be more videos within this particular collection so the list won’t be as empty. (Feel free to suggest musical talent to

PLAYLISTS: | The Jonas Brothers | Jesse McCartney | New Music Spotlight |

  1. john says:

    Hey, so I just made a piczo site and it looks so awesome but it seemed that something was missing. Than I realized I should add some music so my friend recommended a really cool It’s so quick and easy,anyone could do it! In a matter of minuets I had made a account and uploaded the music onto my music player,not only that but You can also edit your music player to match your site colours! and if you don’t want to upload your own music,you can search on other users playlists and take any songs you want! It works for piczo,myspace,facebook,bebo etc. check it out!

    Myspace Playlist

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