Mattrach – Doodled!

Posted: July 13, 2008 in Doodles
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I got really lazy with this doodled.  Right off the back you’ll notice that there are no shading lines on his pants or shirt.  He’s also sitting on a bed which I also neglected to add shading/depth into.  It sort of looks like he’s sitting on the side of a wall now.

Anyway the real purpose for me posting this is; I wanted to try out a different doodling tool. The entire guitar and amp was made using the bezier tool instead of the usual calligraphy brush.  I’m going to continue to work with this tool as it greatly aids in shaping smooth curves.

I want to revist this doodle at a later date and add in the missing shading. Perhaps when I’m less tired. Eh, sorry Matt.


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