Chibi Attempt Numero Uno

Posted: July 16, 2008 in Artwork
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Why did I feel the need to incorporate a little Spanish in the title?  I guess it’s because the word Chibi reminds of some weird Spanish dialogue.

So this is my first attempt at drawing chibi style. For those of you who don’t know what “chibi style” is, Google Dictionary Search classifies it as: “A drawing style in which anime/manga characters are shrunk down into a small, cute, child-like form.” This is usually portrayed by creating different proportions than your average doodle or human drawing.  The head becomes enlarges while the body is minimized.  Hair sometimes plays a role int he chibi effect, as I’ve noticed that artists usually create large hair attachments drawing more emphasis on the head.

Hopefully I’ve managed to capture this effect decently.  I’ve got to practice a bit more on the hair. (I decided not to clean the image up.  The sketchiness adds to the image since there’s no coloring)

If you recognize this pose/character, it’s because it’s from a tutorial which I tried to follow. It’s not really in depth though. It’s pretty straight forward and doesn’t go into details about specific drawing styles and rules.


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