Pendole #1 – Walk It Out

Posted: August 4, 2008 in Doodles
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As expected my classes were quite boring which lead to time to pendole!  Pendole is my term for doodling with a ball point pen.  Eh, basically it sounds much cooler then Pen Doodled.  Try to bear with my randomness.

This is the combined effort of three class periods in which all we did was go over syllabuses.  I think by now (as a Senior) we already get the point about class room rules and who our classmates are.  Do we really need to spend a whole day on introductions?

So before I go and make you read more about who boring my day was here’s the pendole.

The sentence was orginally supposed to be “Walk it Out” but I ran out of time to finish.   Also, there’s really no purpose to this pendole other than to keep me occupied for three hours of my life. I must have gone over the lines tons of times O_o


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