This is Blue Campaign – Full Page Ads

Posted: August 9, 2008 in Campaigns
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The third installment to the This Is Blue Campaign takes off with full page advertisements.  Both are quite different in design targeting two separate audiences.  Hopefully you’ll find them interesting enough take take more than a glance at.

This advertisement could be diversely used in every magazine.  It’s simplistic elegant design is stunningly attractive.  In addition to the three word tagline the viewer is likely to associate with this poster again in the future.  I think that I portrayed a strong message with this design.

This design is not as strong as the first one.  It’s main target would be teenage girl magazine readers.  If I decided to further progress this design I would probably remove the flowers from the wave pattern.  I think they are bit distracting and takes away from the main concept of the poster.  Unfortunately it’s a little too late to fix the paper drawing and I have no plans to continue working with this design.

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