Patrick Makes Me Smile

Posted: August 11, 2008 in Brain Ecstasy
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First off, I’ve got some good news and bad news.  Funny how Karma works eh?

The Bad News

Recently Brad Dogget has asked me to remove the On My Way Video from youtube.  Heeding to his request, it has been set to private.  Please do not ask me for access to the video because it will not be given out.  Instead why not visit his myspace where you can listed to and download it for free.  Once again I do apologize for the inconvience Brad, and to my viewers.

The Good News

PatrickBlog has decided to use my doodle of him as his youtube background!  I’ve been wanting him to do so for quite some time.  Seeing it actually on the page makes me smile on the inside.  Thanks for the feel good moment patrick!

I’ve also got more good news.  A person by the name of Molly has contacted me in regards to my Shiny Teeth and Me video.  Apparently she wants to use it for educational purposes in the state of Tennessee.  I’ll be in contact with her soon. (And thats that, because I don’t want to discuss this further)

In other news,

The This is Blue Campaign will continue tomorrow.  (Hopefully) If I manage to squeeze in some time to work on it.  Calculus is eating up everything.


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