Rapid Draw – Session One

Posted: August 16, 2008 in Rapid Draw
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I’ve decided that I’m going to start a new drawing series called “Rapid Draw.”  The goal of this project is to draw as many faces as possible, once per day, in five minutes. As a viewer you will see a very rough sketchy quick draw of the various faces I’ve drawn for the day posted here.

Personally I hope that this will further my drawing skills because it will force me to neglect the small details.  As a slight perfectionist most of the details I stress over don’t really make that much of a difference anyway.  I guess this is sort of my personal method of “mind training.”

The faces names from left to right, top to bottom are: Yuri, Don, Sam, Gerry, Judy (the girl), Ben.  No particular reason for naming them other than how the name matches wil the facial expression.

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