Words – Session One

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Words
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Introducing another new series: Words!  Inspired by my English teacher; Words will be a sketch drawing of numerous vocabulary words.  I’m combining my love for art with a need to expand my vocabulary.  It is in this process that I hope to learn a few things as well as share some art with you. Who knows, maybe you might even learn a new thing or two.

This weeks vocabulary terms are: affliction, cowering, fetter, infamous, lament, livid, loathsome, murky, pilgrimage, purge, relish, talon, taut, and writhing.   I already knew what a bunch of these words meant, but completed the assignment as such.

Words and Rapid Draw will now be on alternating daily schedules.  Don’t be too sad though, you’re still getting a daily dose of something. (Minus the skipped day yesterday for planning)

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