Words – Session Two

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Words
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I have a trepidation that my blog will suffer from seclusion if I use prattle rather than words.  I am also worried that every day that the Earth gyrates lawmakers are coming closer to making obesity against the law. It is in my hopes that this fails as many Americans would then be transgressing on a daily basis. I suppose that we should all just inherit a dendroid attitude before we are wizen and enervate society.

Don’t know what all of those words mean? Then that’s what the Words series is all about! Teaching you and me new vocabulary in a fun entertaining format. Some learn by pictures, others learn by reading. Now you can do both!

Send your word suggestions to Jessetalks@gmail.com! Including the definitions are optional.

  1. […] is an intentional part of the artwork.  However some of the roughness can also be attributed to my trepedition about the placement of the […]

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