Words – Session Three

Posted: August 23, 2008 in Words
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As a pudgy little kid it took all of my effort to abstain from eating that delicious chocolate cake. I was stuck in a rote of “Do not eat the cake” for several hours. My father says that the cake came with his wife’s dowry after their marriage which unified their property.  Of course I was shocked to hear this because we are waifs who wander around a Loch in Michigan.  I suppose my new mother must have gotten it from the Monster who lives below the Loch’s surface.  We have a strong amity with him as we continuously drop pebbles to create a ripplet warning him when people are approaching.  That cake must have been a gift.

Don’t know what all of those words mean? Then that’s what the Words series is all about! Teaching you and me new vocabulary in a fun entertaining format. Some learn by pictures, others learn by reading. Now you can do both!

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