Shigalicious Logo Competition

Posted: August 24, 2008 in Artwork
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I’ve entered a competition for the Shiga’licious Shave Ice and Snack Company hosted on After doing a little web research on the company’s background I uncovered that their signature dish is the “Hole-E-Cow.” Therefore I thought it would be appropriate to include a cow within the design.

This is the pre-sketch routine that I go through to plan out the design.  I usually go through about 4-5 different designs then select the most appealing one to work with.  As you can see, this is the second design.

The design is then made into a scalable vector using inkscape.  (I can’t afford illustrator)

Color is added to give the design more appeal.

Then finally a extracted the main logo from the design just in case they wanted to use that alone.

Hopefully my design will appeal to requesting client.  There are a lot of other great entries to choose from. However I think that mine is personally catered to the company.  I don’t see any other designs which took the time out to find out more about what the company is all about.

  1. Hi. My name is Derek Shigano and I happened to run across your designs. The work you did was phenomenal and we would like to use some of your designs for our website that we are currently constructing. Please get back to me via email.
    Thank you.

  2. Jesse says:

    Hi Derek, thanks for taking an interest in my art. I’ve sent an email to the address you’ve provided.

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