Hello, I’m Jesse. That is a pen name, in case you were wondering. I highly doubt you were, but now you know anyway.

(Although if you’re my art professor from university and found this through googling your old assignments, yeah this is my blog and you know my real name… if you can remember it. I didn’t plagiarize!).

You would think that for a blog called “Jesse talks” there’s not a whole lot of talking or writing going about. Well, you’d be right. Jessetalks is mainly a collection of my art and stray thoughts over the many years that it has existed. I know that there’s probably a better name for this site, but it did start out as a textual blog at first. Some of those posts are probably still available if you’d like to read them. However, in the mean time you’ll just have to enjoy the art that I post here instead.

Feel free to drop me a line below:

  1. Jos says:

    Hi Jesse,

    At first I’d like to tell you that what you makes, IS art 😉
    (I prefer black&white sketch, but everyone has their own taste right..)

    I saw some of your vids, and I really liked the way how you create your stuff.
    I’m a designer too, well, I make Wallpapers and other nice things to everyone,
    whoever wants it.
    I’m not that prof, and I can learn a whole more skills.

    My question is what program u use in your vids, cus I’d like to try it out =p
    (Maybe it can help me get more designing skills and learn more)

    Msn: Dirtyflow@live.nl

    Thankss !

  2. Leslie Upham says:

    I thought you might be interested to know that I used your radial symmetry 3 as an example of radial symmetry for my art history class. I don’t know your last name, since jesse is your pen name, so I must make one up. I hope you will be flattered that I found your piece interesting enough to submit.

  3. Jesse says:

    That’s awesome Leslie ❤

  4. lulu says:

    whats your last name

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