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PickThisCar – Side Block

Posted: September 27, 2008 in Artwork, Doodles
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Today Jared launched a competition on youtube to design his youtube partners side block.  After about 45 minutes of toiling around inkscape I created this.   I know it’s not really my best, work but i think it’s pretty entertaining.  Hopefully Jared will share this common liking.

Anyway the competition ends on the 10th of October.  I’m pretty sure there is going to be a lot more impressive entries, but at least I gave it a shot.  Only time will tell (and Jared) who the winner is.


Colton Rudolff – Doodled!

Posted: September 14, 2008 in Doodles
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This is Colton Rudloff from youtube.  His music style is similar to Jesse McCartney and sings a variety of pop type songs.  I really enjoy listening to his covers so I thought I would draw a doodle version of him in my spare time. Feel free to check out his myspace when you have some time yourself.

Design wise on the doodle I think I covered his head and upper body well. It may represent him a little thicker than he actually is though. The legs were done really quickly so they aren’t that accurate nor detailed. I probably should have spent more time there.

RoboFillet – Doodled!

Posted: September 8, 2008 in Doodles
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With over 1,100 subscribers RoboFillet is on his way to youtube stardom.  Recently I uncovered his channel by searching through the subscriptions of one of my friends.  His videos are usually a bit odd but at the same time entertaining.  I just wanted to create a little tribute to him and his randomness.

If want the original picture you can get it off his blog here. Plus there’s also a bunch of pretty buttons all over that page.  I like to look at them when I’m bored.

From the art perspective, the doodle is done quite well.  I couldn’t quite figure out to do the hair flippy thing with out making his head look like it was on fire. (I gave it a go anyway and above is the last edit).  Leave a comment if you have suggestions as to how this could be improved, or would like to suggest someone.

SparkleCrayons – Doodled!

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Doodles
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Thanks for sending in your doodled request Emily!  I tried my best to get it done, but it’s a known fact that I’m horrible at drawing eyes. Unfortunately most of your picture involved drawing in the eyes.  In the end, to avoid utter disaster, I decided to leave them out… yet again.

I’ll understand if you don’t want to use this on your profile page 😛

Send in your own doodle request:

Sxephil – Doodled!

Posted: September 2, 2008 in Doodles
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Oh my, it’s SxePhil before all of his hair was chopped off.  Poor phil.

Anyway, this is obviously not one of my better doodles. I think it would have came out a lot better if the eyes were drawn in. However, I’m still not quite good at that and try to avoid it as much as possible. This was one of those times where I pressed the escape button and hoped for the best.  It should be still presentable though.


Tiger Woods – Doodled!

Posted: August 31, 2008 in Doodles
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A loving doodle of the golf world’s hero, Tiger Woods.  He is a literally an inspiration to all athletes and parents alike.  He always seems to have a cool attitude even when things are bad.  This is the reason I’ve chosen to doodle him over any other athlete.

AndrewBravener – Doodled!

Posted: August 22, 2008 in Doodles
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I love Andrew Bravener’s videos. They are always so insightful but delightfully comedic.  Andrew addresses a lot of real life issues and attempts to come up with solutions to the problems.  He is also a fellow artist with an intresting (sort-of) abstract(ish) style.

Anyway here he is in doodle form. And I tried to do the eyes as well. Which surprisinging it didn’t turn out that bad.