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Last night it was announced that my banner has won the design contest hosted by!  This is quite a surprise to me.  I’ve seen alot of the other entries posted on the forums and many were better then mine, in my opinion.  I suppose the main reason that mine had a chance was because of the color scheme.  The other banners featured more blue tones.

Mat and I should be in contact soon about the prize: 2 months of premium on, 10 Club Sofas on the teen chat game, and my banner used on to promote omgupload.  I’m quite excited about the faveup promotion because faveup is quite well known site across the design community. The ad will also have 219,000 impressions which is quite a remarkable amount.

So all in all after a multitude of design plans which I never followed, I’ve reached a second victory.  My congratulations goes out to all the other entries though.  They’ve got some serrious design talent that I’ve enjoyed competing with.  I’m really hoping omgupload will host more competitions of this sort. Even if it’s not for advertisement purposes.

[omgupload Final call] [Design concepts] [Design Concepts 2]

Omgupload Final Call

Posted: June 21, 2008 in Artwork
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Well… They’re in.  That’s right, my omgupload banner contest submission has finally been sent.  I’m up against some tough competition this time around so I have no idea how this is going to playout. All I can say is, I’ll be glad to know I won (or lost) against some amazing art.

What I find to be hilarious is that I didn’t choose any of my design concepts. [one | two]. I went with an entirely different concept that just popped into my head a few minutes before I begun work on the project. I suppose going on a whim at the last moment isn’t always the best thing to do. However in this instance, I’m glad I did.

Hopefully I won’t get disqualified for submitted two designs (eek!). However I did mention to use the first design in the event that I’m only allowed one submission. Here’s the artwork at a glance:

Wish me luck 🙂 Concepts 2.0

Posted: June 18, 2008 in Artwork
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omgupload large

Pictured above is another concept I have for my 200×100 banner submission.  The only problem as you may have noticed is that I’ve done the sketch in a larger dimension  (390×230).  I was just experimenting around with a design so I didn’t start off in the correct dimension specs.

Right now I’m trying to resize the graphic to the apropriate size but I’m having no luck. The porportion just isn’t working out.  Also during the resign the “” and “share with the world” text gets a little too small to read properly.  I really want to continue working with this design so I’ll have to recreate it in the correct size.

On a side note, this is the first work I’ve done using the opensource vector program inkscape.  Surprisingly it’s quite a simple program to use.  After toiling around for about half an hour I’d say I have it down on a basic level. Don’t you think so too?

Anyway, final submissions for the banner contest close on Friday.  I’ll be working a bit late into the night to get this done as I have numerous other obligations to attend to at this current time.

I’m having trouble deciding on a concept that I want to use for my banner entry. I’ve thought of a few, but I don’t think that they are too graphically pleasing to the eye. The user may ended up distracted by something other than the main point –

These are my first few concepts. (Remember they are concepts so they are just quick sketches of a possible design that I may follow through with)

omgupload banner concepts

I like my first concept but I don’t know if the space factor will hinder the quality of the real image.  I wanted to incorporate a real person shouting in the image.  I’ll have to see what happens when I reduce the image size to fit the banner size.  I don’t want it to look too tacky either :S

Well just sharing some thought in the design process. Eventually I’ll post the final product.


Posted: June 12, 2008 in Brain Ecstasy
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A few weeks ago (maybe a few days ago?) I posted something about my banner submission entry. A few minutes ago I found out that they have selected it as their winning entry. I’m pretty ecstatic about this win even though it shouldn’t be that much of a deal. I guess the whole thought of my banner winning is a prize in itself. has also released a new contest in which I will also be participating. It’s another banner advertisement campaign but with a new twist. The management of omgupload wants to do some banner advertising on, which is sort of like a logo/banner blog collection for “creativity block” artist. Anyway the main twist isn’t about where the site is hosted but about the image size limitation. (200x100px)

To me that isn’t a lot to work with, but I suppose I’ll have to think of something. After all, If I have any plans to do this for a living I’ll have to be able to deal with whatever size restriction my employer gives me. I’m thinking of doing something along the lines of “About me magazine” design. I don’t know… I’ll just have to see where my mind leads me.

omgupload banner submission This is my submission for the banner competition. Hosted on I’m not sure how many entries there are because all entries were to be submitted by private message.

I find the prizes quite generous for a simple banner ad: 10 Club sofas on, Banner featured on for two weeks, and 2 months of premium on (where the competition was posted). My main goal for entering is getting featured on Alexa. The club sofas don’t really interest me because that’s not my local Habbo Hotel.

Good luck to the rest of the competitors seeking out the same prize. I’m sure what ever work you submit will be just as awesome as I think mine is.

Anyway apart from the banner, I created the slogan/trademark “share with the world.” The owner and developer of thought that it was fair enough to possibly use it across their site. I have given him full permission to use it any way shape or form as long as he doesn’t intend to charge for his services any time in the future. We’ll just see where that ends up. (So far no changes to the site)

Dave Made My Day

Posted: May 9, 2008 in Brain Ecstasy
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Logged on to youtube today. Saw Dave’s channel (by now you probably know I’m obsessed with his music). Then Nearly Exploded when I saw that he used the bannersr I made for him. I never in a million years thought he would use them. I expected him to just glance at them and then sort of toss them into his “eh… I get a million of these everyday” pile. It literally made my day to see them there.

It’s exhillerating to know that he thought they were decent enough to put up on his page. What makes me smile even more is that people love the banners as well. Here are some comments from his viewers:

OH! almost forgot, i love the new banner! the shading is beautiful. who did the artwork?

yay, same awesome jeans!! and new awesome banner^^

So now I think I’ll go and celebrate my unrecognized victory by dancing around in my room for a few moments. Make sure you go and visit Dave’s channel (MusicfromBlueSkies) and subscribe. You won’t be sorry

Thanks a TON Dave!