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Posted: July 14, 2008 in Brain Ecstasy
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It’s been quite a week! From the creation of the omgupload advertisement, to the recognition of my doodles by their models.  We’ve reached a record high of 302 views in last week alone, as well as reached my youtube goal of 500 subscribers. (Still working on the video). A lot certainly happened and I’m not quite sure how.

I mean, I know I’ve been actively posting and promoting the Jesse Talks blog. As well as trying to interact with the youtube community and filling in video requests.  However, I’ve always done that… so that can’t possibly be the reason to my hopefully continuing success.  Either way, I’m happy to take what life gives while it’s good.  Hopefully things will stay bright! I’m looking forward to more doodles, art, videos, and creativity.

I just wanted to thank you all once again for your support!  There are no words great enough to express how much your views, subscriptions, and comments mean to me.  I have read through all of your suggestions and comments and will continue to make adjustments to produce content that you find enjoyable.

Another thanks goes out to carlkr. A few days ago he changed his background to my doodle. That surprised me quite a bit. I’m also quite pleased with the recognition it got from a bunch of his fans on his channel page. Although he hasn’t told anyone where the background came from yet,  the anonymous fame still makes me feel awesome.

Levi Beamish (CorporalCadet) also somehow found my blog page.  He left me a nift little comment on the doodle page.  Thanks for your support as well!  That suprised me quite a bit too.

Kevin Bazinet dropped me a comment as well.  I was expecting a little hate mail because I posted his single without his permission for the New Music Spotlight 7.01.08.  Kevin pleasently proved me wrong.  He was more gracious than anything that I took the time out to spotlight him.  He’s such a great person!  As a fan, I’m glad he liked the video rather than asked me to take it down.

So the week 28 of Jesse Talks was an extremely interesting experience. I’m looking forward to more of these in the future… (Hopefully)

Carlkr – Doodled!

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Doodles
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Carlkr Doodled

I think I drew the cat better than I drew Carl, lol. I made him seem a little fatter than what he looks like on youtube. I still can’t do human eyes and face expressions that well, but I think I got cats down pretty good, lol. I’ll keep on practicing with the eyes… I’ll get a decent one eventually. Then my drawing won’t be so blind.

I want to do a smosh one next, so maybe I’ll post that in a few days… Or tomorrow if I finish that early. Summer has really given me a lot of free time.

Charlieissocoollike Doodled!

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Doodles
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Yet another youtube doodle! This time it’s Charlie from charlieissocoolike.  I’d have to say that this one was much harder then my the Nerimon and Blueskies doodle.  To be honnest I still don’t think it came out that well. The only parts I’m satisfied with is his clothing and the left half of his head.  My hand attempt is a little weird, but I didn’t know how to fix it.

Charlie is so cool like 2

This second Charlie doodle doesn’t show him how he usually looks. It’s actually from an image after a bad hair cut on his blog. I also used lines that are a little bolder then usual. (Not sure how that happened). You can still enjoy the doodle, lol. I thought it was decent enough to post.

Keeping with this youtube doodle theme, I’ll probably do another tuber as my next project. I’m guessing it’s going to be Carlkr because his probably one of my favorite vloggers, besides Charlie of course. Look forward to that.