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Daft Animation WIP 1.0

Posted: July 19, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Instead of posting a final product, I’ve decided to clue you in on the animation progress.  The process of creating the animation will probably take me much longer than originally expected. I’m guessing a month or two work if I want to do a really good job.

So far I’ve managed to do three out of a (re-estimated) 60 frames. This is barely a dent in the massive amount of work that is yet to come. Considering these frames are not even fully complete as the hair needs to be shaded in and the ab outlines need to be detailed. Baby steps I suppose.

Please note that the man is in boxers.  (Obviously). If you can’t handle the PG-13 nature (I suppose) of this animation, then kindly excuse yourself from viewing all posts in the category “Daft Animation”

Attempting the Impossible

Posted: July 18, 2008 in Brain Ecstasy
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Daft Hands, the popular internet video quickly turned into Daft Bodies. And this is where I want to take it to the next level. Daft Animation!

Basically  my plan is to take the Daft Bodies Form and change it into a “Doodle animation” similar to the backflip animation.  This is quite an ambitious project as it will probably take a good hundred frames to do the main movements. Considering I do not  have flash, nor do I have the knowledge of how to work with the flash program… everything will have to be compiled by hand very carefully. Grr, at my lack of an expensive adobe program.

As a result you will see a lack of doodles and other art posts until this project is completed.  Hopefully I can work fast enough get it done within a week to two weeks.  I will still continue to work on side projects though. So never fret, you’ll still get at least some dose of Jesse Talks Doodle/General art.

For now enjoy the video that I’ll be modeling the animation after:

Please ignore the undies.  That’s not the concept of this post. It’s more for a visual on the movement of the human body and how it will translate into animation.