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Words – Session Five

Posted: September 26, 2008 in Words
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Two young women, Jane and July, began their journey cross country.  Their goal was to travel from California all the way to Maine.  They knew their journey would be rough. Yet, they were not dissuaded from their plans.  Both Jane and July thought that if they managed to create enough forbearance and discipline they would be able to plan out the trip and make it successfully.

This was about as close as Jane and July would come to reaching Maine; the plans.  The moment they left off from California they were confronted by an incumbent to the law.  He pulled them over because of a broken tail light which was out because of the recent neighborhood depredation of property. Several bandits were trying to usurp their car just the other night. Eventually they managed to get off with only a warning after a few moments of entreaty and guile.

The duo felt relieved to finally really start their journey cross country.  They traveled for a few hours before they began to notice that their fuel had almost dwindled away.  July suggested they make a pit stop in the next town. However upon arriving there all that was left was a pile of ashes from an apparent fire that had ravaged through the area.  Military succor was being deployed from parachutes as their tank reached empty.  The girls trip got even worse with a crazed man who walked up beside the car.  He mistook their car for his ex wife which was suing for redress and began to assail them through the car windows.

Their whole trip ended up in a flop.  Perhaps it was just because of the first unlucky event that caused the rest to ensue in misfortune. Maybe next time girls?

Don’t know what all of those words mean? Then that’s what the Words series is all about! Teaching you and me new vocabulary in a fun entertaining format. Some learn by pictures, others learn by reading. Now you can do both!

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Words – Session One

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Words
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Introducing another new series: Words!  Inspired by my English teacher; Words will be a sketch drawing of numerous vocabulary words.  I’m combining my love for art with a need to expand my vocabulary.  It is in this process that I hope to learn a few things as well as share some art with you. Who knows, maybe you might even learn a new thing or two.

This weeks vocabulary terms are: affliction, cowering, fetter, infamous, lament, livid, loathsome, murky, pilgrimage, purge, relish, talon, taut, and writhing.   I already knew what a bunch of these words meant, but completed the assignment as such.

Words and Rapid Draw will now be on alternating daily schedules.  Don’t be too sad though, you’re still getting a daily dose of something. (Minus the skipped day yesterday for planning)