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This diagram meant to provide a brief a description of a taro plant and its various parts. There may be inaccuracies.

For an in depth diagram I recommend visiting the Hawaii Bishop Museums website.

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Yesterday I flipped through some old photos from excursions I went on in elementary school.  The times when learning was actually an unforgettable experience. Now days, it’s just a dull classroom and a lecture that feels like an etnernity.

Surprisingly all of these photos were taken with a disposable Kodak camera. I retouched them a little though because my scanner obviously hates photos that are over 8 years old.

This is a taro patch in Waipio Valley.  My third grade class visited here to learn about the Hawaiian culture.  When I took Modern History of Hawaii in my Junior year there was no such excursions.  Only a textbook filled with black and white photos of everything but traditional taro patch.  To be honest I learned much more in third grade visiting the taro patch and experiencing first hand than reading about in the textbook.

The lookout point before entering the valley.  To be honest after searching Google for similar for photos of this same lookout point… I have to declare my photo the best. I guess that’s just because I took the photo though.

An action shot from Dolphin Quest at the Hilton Waikoloa. That instructor was actually quite mean… the movement we were doing was to instruct the dolphin to jump up and splash us all expectantly. Gah, I was quite gullible during 5th grade. However at the end of the day we I learned quite a bit about marine life on a basic level.  Too bad I don’t have any marine biology classes to compare this experience to.

All in all I think my elementary school excursions were way more education than my high school classes. At least we were engaged and willing to learn as students. I’m sure if my high school offered similar field trips but taught on a more advanced level students would 110% more willing to get involved rather than taking a mid day nap in class.

I have a few more pictures stashed on the side, but my scanner simply decided that those wouldn’t be going up. Darn thing completely ruins a lot of the pixels when scanned through.