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Based on my current professor.

Alice Cullen played by Ashley Greene from Twilight.

This is an updated version of my original attempt.

I decided to work with it in inkscape and fix the eyes, mouth, and add in some color.

Somethings fishy about this one.

Mischievous polar bear (4/4)

Beary exciting.

Mischievous polar bear (3/4)

“Cause I know that he knows I’m unfaithful and it kills him inside.”

Mischievous polar bear (2/4)

Walking on thin ice is some dangerous business.

Mischievous polar bear (1/4)


Samuel (Sam) Tsui, click here to visit his facebook. He is a talented singer and artist.


I be a panda. I has bamboo. No you may not has some.


ehh. What’s up doc?


I am a mouse.

(Nothing witty to say about this one)


Shh. I be a kitty in disguise.


Hey girl friend, what’s up?


Now, where did I put those skates again?

Things Ive learned today: 1. I hate Liam’s (Littleradge’s) hair. I absolutely cannot draw it. 2. Everything else about Liam is awesome. Except his hair.

If you ever see this blog Liam, sorry.