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Bamboo Painting with Sumi Ink

Bamboo Painting with Sumi Ink

Watercolor Tree

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Artwork, Painting
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Watercolor Tree

Watercolor Tree

Dragonfly Sketch on Watercolor

Dragonfly Sketch on Watercolor. Micron 05 ink pen, 2B and HB pencils, cellophane wings, gouache paint, on Bristol paper



A father and son fishes eternally.

I really like the water and the background in this painting with my wacom tablet.

I’m not too sure about the grass, leaves/foliage.

All the things I still remember

Summers never looked the same

Years go by and time just seems to fly

But the memories remain

Roses, done with a wacom tablet and photoshop elements.

From a photo I found on this blog. The only thing I like about this painting is the sky. But that doesn’t even match the hues in the photo. In fact is a completely different shade.

Oh well.


Island Painting

Posted: December 10, 2008 in Artwork
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Apart from my scanner totally ruining the quality of the painting its actually a decent picture for forty-five minutes work.  This is only the second thing that I’ve painted using acrylic paints… ever.  But as much as I’d like to pat myself on the back for this one, I really never want to paint much again.  I’d much rather stick to graphite work… it’s just more my style.

Feel free to comment away on this. Go on, be a critic.