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School Lunch Poster

Posted: September 20, 2008 in Artwork, School
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Somewhere along my high school career I acquired the ideology that the school cafeteria completely fails at making a tasty delicious lunch. Sure it was healthy, but tasty? No. It was only until this school year that my cafeteria actually began to make some decent changes.  They brought in a salad bar for the vegetarians and a sandwhich cart. It’s not the biggest change but at least it’s a start.

This poster is mainly about how much school lunch “sucked” before this year.  I made this poster last year during my advertising art class, but haven’t posted it anywhere until now. It’s done in my usual cartoonish style and not targeted towards advanced art.

Feel free to use this poster around your own campus should you wish.  It takes up quite a bit of ink though.


Posted: August 26, 2008 in Artwork
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Gizzi’s is some kind of random company I found looking through a phonebook.  Anyway this is a quick design for their events that they hold nightly at the coffee shop. I was trying to go with a vector type feel to the design.  The circles omitting outward from the main logo helps to draw the viewers attention there.

This design would be used for a poster on telephone polls and such. Sorry about the tops of eraser marks that show up.  There was nothing I could really do to fix that problem.

The third installment to the This Is Blue Campaign takes off with full page advertisements.  Both are quite different in design targeting two separate audiences.  Hopefully you’ll find them interesting enough take take more than a glance at.

This advertisement could be diversely used in every magazine.  It’s simplistic elegant design is stunningly attractive.  In addition to the three word tagline the viewer is likely to associate with this poster again in the future.  I think that I portrayed a strong message with this design.

This design is not as strong as the first one.  It’s main target would be teenage girl magazine readers.  If I decided to further progress this design I would probably remove the flowers from the wave pattern.  I think they are bit distracting and takes away from the main concept of the poster.  Unfortunately it’s a little too late to fix the paper drawing and I have no plans to continue working with this design.