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Almost two years ago I made a post about Manga hand positions.

I’d like to say I’ve improved since then, haha. But I still haven’t practiced this drawing style much.

Manga Hands 2

Manga Hand Positions

Posted: October 10, 2008 in Artwork, Manga
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After a long while of deciding on my next project I decided that I wanted to persue the manga style of drawing.  So you’ll be getting nice hefty helping of my attempts to learn the style over the next few months.

This my first attempt at working with manga style hands.  I think that I’ve got the fists down alright, but I have problems with open hands.  I don’t really know how to get them to look less segmented.  If any one knows a good tutorial site for this type of work, hand related or not, please post it in a comment.  It would be greatly appreciated.