This is Blue Campaign – 730×90 Web Ads

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Campaigns
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This set of advertisements would be used on your Google adsense type blocks.  They are designed to attract users by presenting something that is completely different from the probable page. Due to the spacial limits of this page, you will need to click on the banner to see the full image.

Blue!?! But all the text is green! But the message is clearly evident… even green want’s to be blue.  I tried to invision the other colors as a competitor to the product blue.  A technique often seen in advertising is comparing their product to their so-called competitor product.  By using green to draw in people who enjoy green they are subtly given the suggestion of “purchasing” blue.

The high contrast of the flourscent blue and black quickly force the user to focus on the banner.  I chose to use flying orbs as the background base because that provided for a decent flow from left to right.

Your classic blue line. Simple blue attractive. I didn’t want this banner too flashy or to take away too much from the display page. The user gets the message even if they don’t read the banner’s text because the banner is made up of the product… and nothing blue the product.  It’s simplicity might even attract more attention that a really flashy design like #2.

Tip: After clicking to view each image on a new page; use this JavaScript injection to enhance the image’s potential:


Don’t worry, it’s only going to change the background color.

Tomorrow we shall continue with the This Is Blue Campaign.  I’m thinking full page advertisement! So make sure that you check back soon 🙂

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