Words – Session Four

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Words
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Scott was your typical twenty-year-old university student still living with his parents. Born and raised in a bourgeois family he and his friends often had to make do with their imagination and second class toys.  Scott and Jesse, his best friend, would often gather in his basement and have a complete metamorphosis into Batman and the Joker.  Scott would resiliently bounce around the room off of a giant spring board pretending to fly. While Jesse tried to create some Peccadillo offense. Unfortunately that crime always turned out to be him tinkling on the wall and Scott refusing to play along any longer. The Joker won every single time except for the one time Scott left the basement window open. An acrimonious bee flew in which resulted in Jesse running around with out any recalcitrant actions.

Other times Jesse and Scott would pretend that were each different feuding nations. Scott was the juggernaut nation of America and Jesse- Iraq. They would have an Imbroglio discussion with Scott even bringing in the United nations to help support his case. Eventually all would be conciliated between the two nations and no nuclear warheads would be lost.

Don’t know what all of those words mean? Then that’s what the Words series is all about! Teaching you and me new vocabulary in a fun entertaining format. Some learn by pictures, others learn by reading. Now you can do both!

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